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                                                                          Zoomed View
                                                                          Spring 2013

                                                                          Katie Gallagher Spring 2013

                                                                          WORDS - COURTNEY PORKOLÁB, PHOTOS COURTESY OF KATIE GALLAGHER

                                                                          Once again Katie Gallagher gave us a glimpse into her whimsical world with her Spring 2013 collection, “Everything Forever.” Katie is known for starting her design process with an original depiction of a backdrop from which she then injects people clothed, ‘appropriate[ly] to their surroundings and ideas.’ Stating, “clothes aren’t really at the center of my interests; the people that wear them and their ideals are.”  This time around, the concept of rebirth and purity leant inspiration to the collection she refers to as an, ‘ode to remnants past.’

                                                                          Sticking to an ethereal formula, which we saw for Fall, she offered a fresh perspective on her moody goth aesthetic in a minimalistic color palette of ivory, crème, raven and metallic slate.  Her signature layering, draping and sheer accents was present as well as her typical futuristic form-fitting silhouettes and use of leather.  However, new this season for Gallagher was swimwear, which we loved.  We could easily see the ultra high cut one piece that featured cutout detailing at the waist—and opened the show—transitioning seamlessly from day-to-night.

                                                                          We had the opportunity to speak to Katie more about the collection and—amongst other things—ghosts, reincarnation and her legendary cat.  Here’s what she had to say:

                                                                          Courtney Porkoláb - Do you have any favorite pieces from this collection?

                                                                          Katie Gallagher  - I have a lot of favorites this season. My favorite looks were looks 1 and 2. Bathing suits were a new thing for me this season!

                                                                          CP - You cited haunted woods as one of the inspirations for this collection. Were the woods by your house growing up haunted?  

                                                                          KG - Probably! I’d like to think so.

                                                                          CP - Do you believe in ghosts; ever seen one?

                                                                          KG - Yes I do! I've not yet seen a ghost but I've felt them!

                                                                          CP - The woods seem to be a prominent inspiration to you collection after collection.  Tell us about your favorite memory from the woods back home in Pennsylvania.

                                                                          KG - My sisters and I spent a lot of time in the woods that surrounded our Pennsylvanian home. We had paths lined with violets and berries, a teepee which my father helped us build, a Slate quarry that we would sled ride down in the winters and lots of frogs, bunnies, deer, birds, snakes and chipmunks to see and catch (yes, I once caught a chipmunk and also walked up to a deer and touched her!). My mom thought I was some animal saint.

                                                                          CP - Speaking of animals, and as rebirth is an inspiration for this collection, if you could be reincarnated as any animal; which would you choose?

                                                                          KG - Definitely a cat—specifically a Maine Coon or a Norwegian Forest Cat.

                                                                          CP - I understand you have an adorable—and extremely large—Maine Coon Cat named Sveater.  How much does he weigh? [Google Katie Gallagher + cat. Now. Seriously.]

                                                                          KG - 21 lbs.

                                                                          CP - You stated that “Everything Forever” is an, ‘ode to the remnants of our past.’ What is your favorite childhood memory?

                                                                          KG - Bike rides and night walks and bondfires at night with my family.

                                                                          CP - If you weren’t a designer—and could do anything else—what would you do?

                                                                          KG - I would own a candy store and live above it in a space surrounded by gardens and cats.

                                                                          CP - Last, but not least, we’d love to share with our readers some of your favorite things. Band/(s)?

                                                                          KG - Coil, Depeche Mode, This Mortal Coil, Burzum.

                                                                          CP - Movie?

                                                                          KG - Heathers, Woody Allen's Alice and Doctor Zhivago.

                                                                          CP - Candy or food?

                                                                          KG - Candy: candy corn; food: macrobiotic bowl.

                                                                          CP - Beverage? Alcoholic, of course.

                                                                          KG - Gin martini or a glass of Labrusca.

                                                                          CP - NYC spot?

                                                                          KG - My apartment.

                                                                          CP - Thank you.