Fenty Puma by Rihanna

Fenty Puma by Rihanna
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                                                                                              Zoomed View
                                                                                              Spring 2013

                                                                                              Katya Leonovich Spring 2013

                                                                                              WORDS - JESSICA LOUISE DYE, PHOTOS COURTESY OF KATYA LEONOVICH

                                                                                              Katya Leonovich’s 2013 spring collection’s strongest feature was color, making even shades of silver and grey electrifying.  Bright jungle greens and aquamarine hued dresses floated down the runway like beautiful swimmers.  Leonovich’s mermaid inspiration was playfully feminine while paying homage to exotic and tropical influences.  Each outfit appeared intricately puzzle pieced onto the model, often 4 separate parts: a corset intertwined with a skirt then overlapped by a crop jacket and tied together with strips of ruffled fabric.  These constructions were also adorned with cutaways and flowing tassels that draped behind the models as they sashayed down the runway.  

                                                                                              Skin revealing cut outs have been a major component to several collections featured at Fashion Week and Leonovich’s collection did not fail to deliver this trend.  Pieces featured a variety of techniques to create dept and shadow within the fabric such as pleats and crinkles.   Butterfly and cap sleeves represented Leonovich’s softer side which she mashed with leather corsets.  Color was in control, showcasing cooler, metallic shades of blue, green and purple.  

                                                                                              The stand out piece of the collection was a peacock-esq strapless, bubble dress, with empire waist and ruching,  adorned with layered sheaths of iridescent blues, greens, golds, and turquoises.   The lighter color dresses were detailed with red and blue vein like colors, mimicking the patterns in the internal circuitry of the human body.  Hair was pulled into messy, unrefined top knots resting on the peaks of models heads like little frizzy hats.  Hair was accessorized with sequined headbands designed by Jenny Dayco which embellished the buns nicely.  Shoes and jewelry were used minimally to prevent distracting from the over the top garments.  Leonovich’s use of color and skin exposing cut outs were both dignified and sensual; the collection was luscious and hedonistic.