Fenty Puma by Rihanna

Fenty Puma by Rihanna
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                                                                      Zoomed View
                                                                      Spring 2013

                                                                      threeASFOUR Spring 2013

                                                                      WORDS - EMILY KIRKPATRICK, PHOTOS COURTESY OF THREEASFOUR

                                                                      The threeasFOUR Spring/Summer 2013 show, "Magnetic Fields," was meant to “make visible the unseen energies of the human magnetic field…the collection introduces pieces that radiate the aura and activate the physical body.” Mirrors played a huge role throughout the collection; every model wore mirror-covered shoes, and pieces of mirror swirled across the bodices of dresses, leggings, and armbands. Swaths of neon pink, orange, deep purple, and olive green fabrics gave an abstract, pieced-together feel to the designs. On the other hand, the collection was lent a futuristic bent thanks to mirrored elements, mesh and parachute fishtail skirts, and dramatic oversized hoods. Circles were a repeated theme throughout the threeasFOUR Spring collection, whether in cutouts, patterns, or composing the fabric itself. The dresses mixed structure with movement, and when paired with the warrior-like makeup and styling, the look was that of a strong, avant-garde woman.