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                                                                  Spring 2014

                                                                  Ann Yee Spring 2014

                                                                  Photos courtesy of Ann Yee

                                                                  Ann Yee’s Spring 2014 collection should be cause for depression and gothiness, seeing that it was largely inspired by Detroit. Fortunately, the designer does us all a favor and keeps everything within a pastel color palette while cutting sexy forms via short skirts and some casual forms. Some of the high-tech industrial elements does come through in materials selection, but otherwise the collection looks to be a fun one for spring.

                                                                  The press release follows.

                                                                  Ann Yee debuted her Spring/Summer 2014 collection during New York Fashion Week today, September 4th, 2013 at The Highline Loft. With an industrial and rugged set designed by Rhice Mannelli Brewer and a backdrop of music by Brooklyn-based (Detroit natives) band Napoleon while guests enjoyed Polar Seltzer beverages.

                                                                  Inspired by the history of urban Detroit, its current crumbling economic state, combined with an appreciation for the survivalist spirit of the city as it moves towards a transformation, ANN YEE presents her Spring/Summer 2014 collection – Resurgence. Resurgence revels in the structured, metallic elements of the auto industry and the draped, angular silhouettes of the city’s weathered buildings against the skyline.

                                                                  As a native of Michigan, Ann Yee’s familiarity of the Motor City lends to the collection’s aesthetic as she observed the slow decline from afar, yet is inspired by possibility and potential for the future as the city leans on its tenacity to adapt, evolve while embracing its historic past.

                                                                  Known for her juxtaposition of structural cuts and soft draping, the latest collection from Ann Yee honors her impeccable ability to architecturally blend proportions and features her signature knitwear designs. Capturing the rough exterior of a broken city, she uses a muted color palette of ivory, taupe and grey, with hints of movement through rouge, periwinkle, mint, olive and citron. Also prominent are elements and inspiration from automobiles incorporating metallics and tweeds to form structured, modern shapes entwined with yarns to illustrate the past, present and future state of the city.

                                                                  A photographic print constructed exclusively with the Spring/Summer 2014 collection in mind was formed from family photographs by the designer’s cousin and brother. The print features photos from Detroit with iconic buildings like the Metropolitan Building, the Wurlitzer Building, the Eastern Market, the Hotel Eddystone and more. The print reflects Ann Yee’s admiration for the city and the resilience of its residents.

                                                                  Ann Yee is collaborating with local band Napoleon, who also hail from Detroit for her presentation on September 4, 2013.

                                                                  “Resurgence focuses on the rise and fall of the city, what it represented to America in its hay day- Motown, the auto industry and how inevitably it will come back around. I wanted to create awareness about Detroit's unique culture, history and its current state. Through my work, I'd like people to see the possibility of the city being something of value once again.” –Ann Yee