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                                                                                      Spring 2012

                                                                                      Inbar Spector Spring 2012

                                                                                      WORDS - BRAD PALMER, PHOTOS - CARLA GULER.

                                                                                      A collection of contrasts that fused beautiful, intricately cut lace details with swirling ruffles and oversized volume, Inbar Spector's Spring 2012 offering was as moving as it was dramatic. Tones of gold shimmered against black, peach and mint and jackets, oversized in size and gathered at the hem, gave the collection a distinctly regal undertone.

                                                                                      However, it was Inbar's beautiful fusion of detail and volume that truly stole the show. Laser cut bodices where woven with light, airy fabrics that descended into voluptuous honeycomb skirts while small gaps emerged from swirling, full body ruffles - through which came a glimpse of the intricate details below. Dramatic and visually impacting, yet beautifully delicate, Spector's Spring 2012 collection was one that left many eyes, including my own, in awe.

                                                                                      Futureclaw's London Fashion Features Editor, Brad Palmer chats with Inbar Spector after her Spring 2012 show.


                                                                                      BP: Congratulations on a fantastic collection! Could you tell us a little about the inspiration behind the collection?

                                                                                      IS: I started with oversized coats and I've tried to mix feminity with masculinity. I think there is a bit of an influence from my being an immigrant as well. I think there is a mix between my British side, which is developing, and my Israeli side. So you can see like Elizibethan style ruffles..


                                                                                      BP: Yes, it's quite regal isn't it?


                                                                                      IS: Yes but the concept behind it was actually inspired by the terror in Israel because sometimes, when terror takes place, it usually takes place in a crowded place, like parties, weddings, the mall. Everytime time you think of going to some place happy it's always mixed with fear and you're really scared of terror.


                                                                                      BP: So you wanted to juxtapose those two things together? The happiness and the fear?


                                                                                      IS: Yeah.


                                                                                      BP: Can you tell me about the very intricate, laser cut dresses?


                                                                                      IS: Yes, they're laser cut and I designed my own fabric. I changed them a bit, from the original sample, and the laser cut we really did from scratch. We drew the entire thing and then it was laser cut.


                                                                                      BP: What does showing in London mean to you? What does it mean, as a designer, being able to have this platform for your work at Vauxhall Fashion Scout?


                                                                                      IS: I think the guys from Vauxhall Fashion Scout are amazing, they've always supported me from day one. I think that in London there is a great opportunity, a great platform for young designers. I feel that London is much more open minded and it was a good place to start. Now, I've already been here seven years and I feel like it's my home, I feel quite comfortable here. 


                                                                                      BP: What's next for you as a designer? Where would you like your brand to go?


                                                                                      IS: I'd love to work for one of the big fashion companies, I'd like to do menswear, I'd like to do accessories...


                                                                                      BP: I'd love you to do menswear!


                                                                                      IS: [Laughs] I am planning, when I have more time! I think just to grow bigger and bigger and bigger! You know, just growing really!