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Falling Up

Falling Up

Photography/Words - Elias Wessel

Styling - Priscilla Polley


Falling is something involuntarily. Something threatening you get forced to. In contrast "Up" is a synonym for success. This aporia results out of the two contrary moving directions: Down = falling and Up = Up. A conflict which is indissoluble at my current period of life because "Falling" as well as "Up" relate to my private and professional areas of life which were strongly linked over the past 9 years.


There are plenty of personal experiences, thoughts, symbols and metaphors covered in Falling Up as well as analogies to "Mary Poppins", "Rumpelstiltskin" and the "Shock Headed Peter" which finally allow "Falling Up" to make a statement about the current art and fashion industry and to be a modern fairy tale out of my personal past, present and future. 


Look 1

Jacket, Shirt & Skirt by Erin Featherston

Socks by Fogal

Boots Vintage

Gloves by LaCrasia


Look 2

Skirt & top by 3.1 Philip Lim

Boots Vintage

Socks by Fogal

Jewelry by Philippe Audibert


Look 3

Vest & Dress by 3.1 Philip Lim

Necklace by Draugsvold


Look 4

Dress by Acne

Stocking by Fogal

Shoes Vintage

Bracelets by Ben Amun


Look 5

Dress by D&G

Stocking Vintage

Shoes Vintage



Photographer  Elias Wessel / www.eliaswessel.com

Styling  Priscilla Polley

Hair  Yoichi Tomizawa

Makeup  Asami Matsuda

Manicure  Rica Romain

Photo Assistant  Carlos Guzman

Digital Tech  Saria Atiye

Production, Art Direction, Retouching  ELIAS WESSEL STUDIO

Model  Zenia Sevastyanova @ Major Model Management


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